Auction Academy Wraps Up Summer with Dallas Session

November 1, 2013 | 2013 - Press Releases

Auction Academy’s Next Generation / Sons and Daughters Group tours America’s Auto Auction in Dallas.Members of Auction Academy’s inaugural class, the Next Generation/ Sons and Daughters Group, convened in Dallas in August for its summer training session.  Held in cooperation and conjunction with the IARA which had just concluded its Summer Round Table, the session included facility tours, classroom discussions and hands-on training for the Sons and Daughters Group.  Over the course of three days, the class toured America’s Auto Auction and the headquarters of Santander Consumer USA.  The group also spent classroom time with industry experts who offered presentations covering asset management, vehicle certification, auctioneering and auction practices, sales strategy and economics.“This session of Auction Academy was a tremendous opportunity for the Sons and Daughters Group,” said Richard Curtis, President of Auction Academy. “In addition to an in-depth look behind the scenes at a high volume/ small footprint dealer consignment auction — thanks to America’s Auto … Continued

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Remarketing Industry Shows Support for Auction Academy

August 1, 2013 | 2013 - Press Releases

FRANKLIN, Tennessee — Auction Academy has entered its second year, with two class groups participating in its continuing education program: the Managers Group which convened last month in Spokane, WA for training in conjunction with DAA Northwest’s Rock and Roll Sale, and the Next Generation/Sons & Daughters Class, which meets this month in Dallas, TX during IARA’s Summer Roundtable. Reviewing the curriculum for the two classes and the opportunities afforded to the participants of both groups, Auction Academy President Richard Curtis acknowledged the role that the remarketing industry has played in the Academy’s ongoing success.Richard Curtis, President Auction Academy“Auction Academy was conceived with the urging and support of a number of industry leaders who saw the need for a formal program to train auction owners of the future,” explains Curtis. “We are grateful to those who sponsored the Academy during its inaugural year: Black Book, OVE, Next Gear, Design Works AMG, Used Car News, Cherokee … Continued

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Auction Academy Convenes at Rock & Roll Sale in Spokane

July 30, 2013 | 2013 - Press Releases

Auction Academy convened the Managers Group in Spokane, Washington on July 15, 2013 for a training program that included DAA Northwest’s premier industry promotion, the Rock n Roll Sale, which culminated in a concert with REO Speedwagon.Auction Academy’s Manager’s Group convened at DAA Northwest in July, touring the auction’s facilities and observing preparations for its premier promotional event: the Rock & Roll Sale.The July 16 session began with a presentation by Len Roll of DAA Northwest, one of the industry’s top professionals in auctions operations, who discussed detailing, body shop services and condition reports.  He was followed by Greg Mahugh, co-owner of DAANW, and Mitzi Voorhis, marketing manager at DAANW, who described the DAANW philosophy and process for its nationally recognized promotions. The class then toured the DAA Northwest facilities and observed the preparations for the expected sale of the more than 3,000 vehicles during the two-day Rock & Roll sale.  Back in the classroom, … Continued

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Auction Academy Takes Joint Class Groups to Baltimore for Spring Session

July 25, 2013 | 2013 - Press Releases

Auction Academy held its first ever “joint session” in early May, as the two current class groups – the Managers Group and the Next Generation/Sons and Daughters Group – travelled with the Auction Academy staff to the Baltimore/Washington DC area for a series of training programs.Bob Graham of ARI reviews the commercial leasing process with Auction Academy’s Managers and Next Generation Group.The session began with presentations to the group by Frank Hackett of the National Auto Auction Association as well as Todd August of the Avis/Budget Group.  The next day the group spent the entire day at NADA Headquarters in McLean, VA where they attended a customized program called Through the Eyes of the Dealer led by NADA Academy Instructor, Les Abrams.  That evening the Nichols Family of BSC America Auctions hosted the group in Annapolis, MD.  The Session concluded with a day at BSC America’s corporate headquarters for a review of the company’s remarketing programs and tours of … Continued

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Richard Curtis Heads Auction Academy as President

February 26, 2013 | 2013 - Press Releases

FRANKLIN, Tennessee — With industry participation exceeding expectations, Auction Academy begins its second year with the announcement that Richard Curtis will serve as its President. The announcement was made by Pierre Pons, President/CEO of TPC Management Company, which developed Auction Academy, a professional education program for the auto auction industry.Richard Curtis, President Auction Academy“The independent auction community demonstrated immediate enthusiasm for the level of training that Auction Academy provides,” said Pons. “With two full class groups already in progress (the Sons & Daughters and the Managers groups) each with a full two year curriculum of quarterly Sessions and other training programs in development; we felt it was important to have a dedicated management team in place. Richard brings years of operational experience in the auto auction sector as well as being a great ambassador to all of our industry partners”. Curtis will work closely on the program curriculum and administration with Auction Academy’s COO Randall McCathren.Said Curtis, “Over that past … Continued

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