Bel Air Auto Auction Plans Grand Opening Events at New Facility

Auction Day at BSC America’s Bel Air Auto Auction is about to change in a big way, as the company prepares to welcome customers to its all-new facility opening in near-by Belcamp, Maryland. After several years of planning and 24 months under construction, the new Bel Air Auto Auction facility will open its doors in September with a series of special events planned to commemorate the newest chapter in the Auction’s 70-year history.

BSC America’s new Bel Air Auto Auction facility will open in September.

Bel Air Auto Auction was founded in 1947 by Paige Richardson, who began selling vehicles in a former livestock auction facility. After many years in business, it was sold and later acquired to become part of BSC America’s business group, owned by the Nichols family – Raymond C. Nichols, along with his son, Charles, and daughter, Michelle.


Raymond Nichols, CEO of BSC America companies, said, “Charles, Michelle and I, as partners in Bel Air AutoBel Air Auto Auction’s new 185-acre facility located in Belcamp, Maryland includes a 75,000 square foot auction building and a 50,000 square foot Vehicle Reconditioning Center. Auction Inc., are thrilled to announce that on September 14th the first vehicles will cross the auction block at our new 185 acre location. The new auction will be able to accommodate continued growth in the marketplace and allow us to serve better our customers’ needs with ease and efficiency in a new state-of-the-art auction facility.”

Michelle Nichols-Neff, Vice President of BSC America, reports that the last regular sale auctions to be held at the current Bel Air Road facility will be a GM Financial Closed Sale held on September 6th, and the last regularly held Weekly Consignment Sale will be held on September 7th, after which the auction staff will make the major move to the new Belcamp facility and prepare for the first sale on September 14th.

“The new facility will roll into action on Thursday, September 14th “, said Nichols-Neff. She added, “The prior evening, on Wednesday, September 13th, we’ll host a Preview and Happy Hour Event from 5 P.M. to 8 P.M. to give all of our customers a closer look at the new site, with food and refreshments served in the new lanes and with facility tours.”

The following day, Thursday, September 14th, the auction welcomes all of its customers to the First RegularBel Air Auto Auction’s new 185-acre facility located in Belcamp, Maryland includes a 75,000 square foot auction building and a 50,000 square foot Vehicle Reconditioning Center. Sale to be held at the new facility. It will start with breakfast in the lanes at 8 A.M. followed by a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 9 A.M., just as the first vehicle crosses the block to be sold.

BSC America’s President, R. Charles Nichols, notes that the ribbon-cutting ceremony to commemorate the auction’s official opening comes almost exactly two years after the ground-breaking ceremony that marked the beginning of the construction process.

“It has taken us many years of planning and a tremendous amount of work on the part of everyone involved in the building and moving process to bring us to this exciting point in our auction’s history. We are enthused to be providing it for our customers and employees,” said Nichols.

Nichols explains that the new Bel Air Auto Auction facilities will tout a brand new 75,000 square foot, 10-lane auction facility, as well as a new 50,000 square-foot Vehicle Enhancement Center that includes a Mechanical Shop, Body Shop, Recon Center, Paint Booths and Imaging Center.

The new facility, also, will house BSC America’s corporate headquarters, as well as Bel Air Auto Auction’s administrative offices, and regional staff.

“Our new site is located just one mile East of I-95, making the access from North or South much easier for our dealers and clients,” explains Nichols. “In addition”, he added, “the region is well- served by four national airports within easy driving distance to the Bel Air Auto Auction’s new site”.

“We have installed a campus-wide Wi-Fi system for the convenience of our customers, as it will help to avoid data usage issues on their smartphones and electronic hand-held devices,” Nichols said.

“In addition to the new modern facility for our customers and clients to utilize, our additional Marshaling Services facility is located next door in the Riverside Business Park with 22 acres paved and fenced for extra secured vehicle parking” he added.

Additionally, the Bel Air Auto Auction will continue to operate the Bel Air Auto Auction’s Clayton Station Auction facility at the Edgewood, Maryland location at 8 A.M. on Thursdays, as well as for various monthly Specialty Auctions held at that site”, stated Nichols.

“Our objective is to provide large, modern, auction facilities centrally located in the Mid- Atlantic Region near Bel Air, Maryland just off I-95 to better serve our sellers and buyers. Wewill provide a convenient environment for our customers and for our employees”, Michelle Nichols-Neff said. “We’re, also, excited about our new dealer restaurant, and customer service suites with Wi-Fi provided workstations for customers to use. Those new service facilities will be attractive and convenient for customers. They will be able to enjoy Bel Air Auto Auction’s delicious fare while attending our regular weekly Thursday auctions, and the bi-weekly GM Financial Factory auction”, said Nichols-Neff.

Nichols-Neff, also, reports that the next major event on the calendar at the new Bel Air Auto Auction is being set for a two-day major Grand Opening Celebration in October, beginning with a GM Financial Closed Sale at 10 A.M. on Wednesday, October 18th and for a Grand Opening Reception that evening from 5:30 to 9:30 pm.  The following day, Thursday, October 19th, marks the Bel Air Auto Auction’s Annual Harvest and Grand Opening Sale, which will feature the season’s largest consignment of vehicles crossing all ten auction lanes, and a special Classic Car Event.

Bel Air Auto Auction is the flagship auction of the BSC America Auction Group, which also includes Tallahassee Auto Auction in Tallahassee, Florida. Since Bel Air Auto Auction’s founding in 1947, it has grown to become the largest independent dealer auto auction located in the Mid-Atlantic region by offering more than 100,000 vehicles annually. Bel Air Auto Auction, also, has a long history of providing special services for the fleet and financial institutional customers.  These major clients include leasing companies, banks, daily rental firms, government agencies and other special clients. Bel Air Auto Auction is a member of the ServNet Auction group and the National Auto Auction Association.