Auction Academy Sponsors Play Vital Role in Restructured Program

As Auction Academy executes a modified format for its course training, its sponsors continue to play a vital role in the success of the program. In June, Auction Academy President Penny Wanna announced that the Academy had launched a Virtual Classroom for the remainder of 2020 for its current Class 6 Group. The Group’s previously scheduled quarterly meetings for 2020 are replaced by monthly virtual sessions, with in-person/on-site training and education sessions resuming in February of 2021. The continued support of the Academy’s sponsors has been a prime factor in the success of the restructured program, says Wanna.

Penny Wanna
President, Auction Academy

Wanna makes special mention of both longtime supporters like NextGear Capital, OVE, NAAA and the Stanley/Autenreith Auctions, as well as new sponsors to the program like EBlock & Elite Transportation that have come on board in support of this year’s Virtual Series.

Adds Wanna, “Our sponsors’ ongoing support not only encouraged us in conceiving and carrying out the virtual classroom structure, but is safeguarding the program by underwriting speakers’ fees, materials, and software. This comes at a particularly critical time, as we have suspended student tuition for the remainder of the year as we pursue the Virtual Classroom format.

“These sponsors have contributed to the continued success of the Auction Academy by way of hosting class groups, funding, tuition scholarships, industry expertise, industry exposure and session/event participation. They also attend and/or present to each class group. Presentations include vendor/product introductions and education, human resources, management skills and leadership training. NextGear Capital, CARS Recon, AutoIMS, OVE and Liquid Motors have been presenters since inception with others like Auction Edge, Deal Shield, and SmartAuction and joining after. The NAAA has offered tuition scholarships in conjunction with TPC Management for each class group.”

Wanna also notes that with the backing of its sponsors, Auction Academy has created an extension of the Virtual Classroom by registering each of the students in the current Class Group for the IARA Summer Roundtable, which itself will be presented on digital platform August 20th.

“We’re thrilled to be able to have our entire class attending the IARA Summer Roundtable virtually. This is an opportunity that will provide a valuable educational experience and an opportunity to interact with people throughout the remarketing industry,” said Wanna. Wanna said that since its founding in 2012, Auction Academy has been tremendously fortunate to have involved and enthusiastic sponsors, whose contributions have shaped this program of continuing career education. To date Auction Academy has graduated 108 students from the two-year program, 50% of which also become IARA CAR Certified through our instruction and proctoring.

Wanna said “As we have pivoted the look and feel of Academy training in response to the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19, our loyal and long-time sponsors were in full agreement with our fluid response to the pandemic via the Virtual Classroom.”

Wanna reports that although students and staff will not meet in its traditional in-person format, until 2021, Auction Academy’s virtual classroom is designed to continue the Class Group’s momentum, allowing all to stay connected and provide the current students with an effective learning environment. The Virtual Schedule includes monthly interactive video sessions through the end of the year, which will alternate between a leadership focus and an industry topic. Auction Academy will resume with quarterly in-person training next year, culminating in Class 6 Group’s Graduation in September of 2021 during the NAAA Convention in Chicago.

Wanna notes that Auction Academy was conceived with the urging of a number of industry leaders who saw the need for a formal program to train owners and operators of the future. As a result, auctions across the country have enthusiastically opened their doors to host class sessions, including America’s Auto Auction, Southern Auto Auction, Manheim Nashville, Manheim Detroit, ABC Birmingham, ADESA Birmingham, DAA Northwest, BSC America’s Bel Air Auto Auction, Auction Insurance Agency and, in 2021, Louisiana’s First Choice Auto Auction.

Pierre Pons
President, TPC Management

“We sincerely appreciate the commitment of our sponsors, who share our vision for training the Next Generation of auto auction leaders,” says Pierre Pons, President of TPC Management Company which developed the Auction Academy program. “The acceptance and support for Auction Academy from both within and outside the auto auction industry continues to be overwhelmingly positive, even in the face of the adjustment we have had to make in the wake of the COVID pandemic. This program continues to ensure the viability of the auto auction process as a cornerstone for vehicle remarketing well into the next generation. It is also key that we bring on new sponsors that represent the digital transition of our industry, and as such we welcome EBLock to the program.”

Auction Academy is a continuing career training program developed by TPC Management Company (TPC) for professionals in the auto auction industry. Auction Academy has developed two distinct curriculums, the first being the original two-year program which provides a training and development experience for auto auction professionals, structured like an Executive MBA program. The second curriculum is the newer Seminar Series, one-day intensive sessions focused on a specific topic or functional area. With faculty drawn from expert practitioners around the country, Auction Academy’s programs are designed to enhance essential skill sets, promote best practices, and yield better auction performance. The curriculum includes site visits, field trips, and work with industry experts in all areas of auction operations.

For additional information about Auction Academy, contact Penny Wanna by telephone: (615) 591-4544; or by email:, or visit the website