Auction Academy Launches Inaugural Class Session

Randall McCathren

Auction Academy, an industry-focused continuing education program developed by TPC Management Company, welcomed the Inaugural Class to its first quarterly session over the May 3-5 weekend in Nashville, Tennessee. Said Randall McCathren, COO of Auction Academy: “The first session exceeded our expectations in every aspect. The Next Generation Owner course, a two-year training and development program for the sons and daughters of today’s Independent auction owners, includes 16 students representing 14 independent auto auctions and one vendor company.  This group will move together as a cohesive class over the two-year curriculum, with classes held quarterly in different cities around the country.”

Auction Academy’s Inaugural Class met in Nashville, Tennessee the first weekend in May. They are participating in a two-year MBA-type training and development program for the sons and daughters of independent auction owners.In planning and development for the better part of a year, Auction Academy was conceived with the urging and support of a number of industry leaders who saw the need for a formal program to train auction owners of the future.   

Pierre Pons, President of TPC Management said, “The enthusiasm shown by the members of the inaugural class and the support of their parents has been tremendous. We particularly want to thank Lynn Weaver, Bob McConkey, Jeff Barber, Charlotte Pyle and Henry Stanley who were the originators of this concept and the driving forces in getting this program off the ground. Equally important has been the backing of the initial program sponsors: Black Book, Design Works-AMG, Used Car News, Direct Reconditioning, Capital Automotive Reconditioning who were the initial Sponsors of the Academy program, as well as Henry & Patty Stanley of Carolina and Indiana Auto Auctions who sponsored the First Session in Nashville. All of these companies came on-board with their full support for an as-yet untried concept, and we could not have done this without them.”


Participants in the first session of Auction Academy are Bobby Bailey (Mid-South Auto Auction), Josh Bailey (Charleston A/A); Beth and Emily Barber (State Line A/A); Cody Boswell (KCIAA and Missouri A/A), Chrissy Briggs-Sellstrom (Greater Erie A/A); Charles Wyatt Carter (SADE); Kevin Jackson (Pittsburgh Independent AA); Aaron and Brian McConkey (DAA Northwest); Dustin Nutter (Direct Reconditioning); Aaron and Andrew Pyle (Capital City A/A and Mountain State A/A); Britney Smith (Dealers A/A of Idaho); Tad Swift (Corry ADE); and Clint Weaver (Harrisburg A/A). 

Course instructors for the First Session included: Rick Guyer and Kay Hudson of Complete Automotive Reconditioning, Pierre Pons of TPC Management, David Nutter of Direct Reconditioning, and Joe Miller of AutoIMS.
McCathren notes that the Summer Session will convene in Spokane, Washington the week of July 16th, in conjunction with DAA Northwest’s Rock and Roll Sale. 


McCathren also announced that enrollment is now open for Auction Academy’s second Class Group.  He notes that while the first group was specifically geared toward the sons and daughters of independent auto auctions and related companies, the next Class Group will be open to any auction personnel.  In addition, Auction Academy will simultaneously open enrollment to independent auto auction operators and financial executives who have interest in participating in an Auction Performance Group (“APG”, a 20 Group-style program), with a focus on financial benchmarking.  

The Auction Academy is a continuing education program developed by TPC Management Company (TPC) for professionals in the auction industry.  Structured like an Executive MBA program, Auction Academy has tracks for the next generation of auction leaders as well as for current auction leadership, designed to enhance essential skill sets, promote best practices, and yield better auction performance.

For additional information about Auction Academy, contact Randall McCathren by email:, or telephone: (615) 383-1930 or visit the web site