Auction Academy Launches 6th Class Group with Training and Tours in Nashville

FRANKLIN, Tennessee — Auction Academy, a continuing education program developed by TPC Management Company (TPC) for professionals in the auto auction industry, launched its 6th Class Group with training in Nashville, Tennessee on May 16-18. 2019. The two-day Session was the first in the two-year program for the new class, and included classroom training as well as auction facility tours and meetings with key auction personnel for in-depth discussions about auction operations.

Opening the session was Pierre Pons of Auction Academy who welcomed the group, and Tony Long, who introduced IARA CAR Certification, which continues to be a significant component of Auction Academy’s curriculum. Academy President Penny Wanna, who is herself IARA CAR Certified, administered the first phase of certification for the group and will oversee each students progress.

Penny Wanna President, Auction Academy

Julie Warpool, Senior Vice President, Auction Systems for Auction Edge was on hand to roll out the first of eight training modules which are now included in the Auction Academy course syllabus. A different aspect of Auction Edge and corresponding training will be included in each session of Academy’s two-year program, ensuring that the Class Group will not only become familiar with Auction Edge and its many products, but will get to know key team members as well.

“We are pleased to have Auction Edge as a program sponsor and excited that Auction Edge training is now part of each of our Class sessions,” said Penny Wanna, Auction Academy President. “Auction Edge plays a significant role in the auction industry, and we feel that this training will add another layer of knowledge to the remarketing process.”

Also on-hand for classroom training were Brent Ramels who led training on SmartAuction, Joe Miller who discussed AutoIMS Technology, and Dan Hinojosa Jr. of ASI Auto Group LLC who introduced Condition Report Writing 101.

Two auctions in Auction Academy’s backyard of Nashville hosted visits by the 6th Class Group, who took time away from the classroom to tour Music City Auto Auction and Manheim Nashville. This was Auction Academy’s first visit to Music City Auto Auction, where they met with Office Manager Wendy Barritt and Operations Brad Baird, who shared their views on the most important facets of auction operations and led the group on a tour of the auction facility.

Group Photo
Auction Academy’s Class Group 6 visits Music City Auto Auction

“It is an honor and privilege to host Auction Academy Class 6,” said Tim Sherk, General Manager of Music City Auto Auction in greeting the group. “The executive team at Music City Auto Auction believes in mentoring as well as ongoing education for upcoming leaders in the automotive field. We are committed to the development of the next generation of leaders in an industry which has given us so much professionally and personally.”

Like the five Class Groups before them, the 6th Class Group was also hosted by Manheim Nashville for a detailed tour of its facility and meetings with key staff members who talked with the group about their personal journeys in the industry, and their specific areas of responsibility, along with insights on leadership, industry connections and the importance of safety in the workplace.

Group Photo
Like the five class groups before them, the 6th Class Group of Auction Academy was hosted by Manheim Nashville for a facility tour.

“We always look forward to hosting tours for Auction Academy,” said Sam Chapel, General Manager at Nashville Manheim. “When you’re new to the industry, there’s nothing better than getting a snapshot of a brick and mortar facility, and I think the Auction Academy training really launches the participants into a full sense of the remarketing industry. We particularly emphasized safety when we hosted the tour this year and the importance of building a culture of safety at each auction location. Plus, I shared my thoughts on one of my favorite subjects: being comfortable around your competitors. To me, being open and transparent, and sharing vital information, grows the industry and helps us all to excel in a great business.”

“We are so grateful to both Music City Auto Auction and Manheim Nashville for opening their doors to our 6th Class Group,” said Wanna. “They were so generous with their time and knowledge, and contributed a great deal to this training session of Auction Academy. Auctions like these represent the best part of Auction Academy’s program, and have certainly played a vital role in the program’s success.”

The two-day session wrapped up with casual night out for a taste of Nashville at 55 South, where the group enjoyed the venue’s famous Hot Chicken and were entertained by 2018 American Idol contestant Carly Moffa.

Class 6 heads to Spokane, Washington in July for its next Session, which will be hosted by Bob McConkey and the team at DAA Northwest during this year’s Rock & Roll Sale. The group closes the year with the Nichols family at BSC America’s Bel Air Auto Auction, where they will spend a full day on dealer training provided by Michael Hayes from the NADA.

Auction Academy is a continuing education program developed by TPC Management Company (TPC) for professionals in the auto auction industry. Auction Academy has developed two distinct curriculums, the first being the original two-year program which provides a training and development experience for auto auction professionals, structured like an Executive MBA program. The second curriculum is the newer Seminar Series, one-day intensive sessions focused on a specific topic or functional area. With faculty drawn from expert practitioners around the country, Auction Academy’s programs are designed to enhance essential skill sets, promote best practices and yield better auction performance. The curriculum includes site visits, field trips and work with industry experts in all areas of auction operations.

For additional information about Auction Academy, contact Penny Wanna by telephone: (615) 591- 4544; or by email:, or visit the web site