The undersigned agrees to enroll in the Auction Academy and agrees to abide by all Auction Academy rules and requirements. The Auction Academy consists of:
  • The Program is planned for eight (8) Quarterly In-Person Academic Sessions – each scheduled over a two-or three-day period. The sessions will be held at different cities around the country and will include a site visit to a local auction and meetings with key managers.
  • The Program will also include eight (8) Virtual Sessions – each scheduled in between the in-person, quarterly sessions, lasting 1.5 hours in length. All Virtual Sessions will be hosted on the Zoom platform.
  • Students agree to commit the full sixteen (16) session program; eight (8) in-person per quarter and eight (8) virtual.
  • Missed quarterly sessions require payments – but may be attended later, with the next class group, without charge.
  • Academic Topic Sessions will be taught by industry experts in each subject matter – to include partnering Industry Association Teachers, National Top Auto Dealer Trainers, Industry PHD Leaders, and prominent Leadership Facilitators.
    • Each academic session will include different subject matter topics.
    • Each in-person session will include Auction and/or Vendor facility tour.
      • Additional Field Trips will be periodically added, visiting major National Accounts, Dealership Groups, Auto Manufacturing Plant tours.
    • Pre and/or Post reading and/or field work will be assigned.
    • Quarterly testing will provide feedback to participants on their mastery of the material presented.
The Auction Academy will include:
  • Access to online course lectures and materials.
  • Access to faculty/lecturers on an indefinite basis.
  • Access to Academy staff on an indefinite basis.
  • Access/ invited to join future Class group in-person sessions.
Tuition is $3,000 per quarter (in-person session). First quarter tuition and each quarterly tuition after that will be invoiced 30-45 days prior to the session date(s). Enrollees are responsible for travel and hotel expenses.


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Enrollment Form

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